Aircraft Management and Consulting


Leading Edge Aviation specializes in providing quality aircraft management services. Whether you have one airplane or an entire fleet, we have the tools to efficiently manage your flight department. We take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities making aircraft ownership completely hassle-free.


  • Operational and management experience
  • Unmatched safety, efficiency, and quality of service
  • Seamless handling of aircraft crewing, maintenance and dispatching
  • Highly trained, professional pilots
  • Flexibility, convenience, and reliability
  • Optional charter sales to maximize revenue potential and offset the cost of operation


Flight Standards and Operations

Leading Edge Aviation handles all interviewing, hiring, testing and monitoring of crews. We set the highest standards for crew and aircraft operations. Planning and implementing a system of pilot training, proficiency checks, and in-flight monitoring to ensure that the crew meets and exceeds the FAA’s standards for flight proficiency, the safety of flight and general operating knowledge. Leading Edge Aviation continually monitors flight operations, managing flight crew training programs, trip and crew scheduling, maintenance scheduling and promoting safety throughout the company.


Maintenance Management

We offer maintenance planning, tracking, and implementation focused on minimal downtime. Leading Edge Aviation plans and supervises all required inspections, record keeping, and maintenance by our FAA certified mechanics. We maintain current manufacturer’s maintenance manuals for the aircraft and equipment. We also control compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA airworthiness directives.


All Inclusive, Quality Service

Our management contracts provide aircraft maintenance, safety checks, cleaning, catering, and hangar. We offer crew management including hiring and background checks, random drug and alcohol testing, FAA medical exams, salary, and benefits. Safety is our main priority. Initial and recurrent training programs are required for all staff. We follow strict FAA guidelines and regulations using the latest in tracking and auditing software. Management contracts can be customized to meet your needs and desires.